'Twas the Night Before Closing

'Twas the Night before closing...

...When all through the office, the computers were on, and the contracts were flawless; the files were hung in the cabinet with care, in hopes that the commission check soon would be there. 

The realtors were restless in their ergonomic chairs, while visions of the closing table danced through their heads; and lenders and title had done their part, closing this deal was a work of art. 

When out of the blue a phone started ringing, the receptionist answered with a monotone greeting; the realtor sprang from her chair to see what was the matter?! Away to the front desk she ran with flash, praying the news was good at last!

As the worker scribbled her notes on the paper, what did to her eyes appear? A faint CLEAR TO CLOSE next to a large ink smear! The realtor lept for joy and rapture, and beckoned the receptionist for the closing time to capture. 

9:00 am THE DEAL WAS SET! She fumbled for her phone and began to to text: Congrats you guys, the deal is done! You will be moving into your home by 1! 

The office staff heard her exclaim as she walked out of site, "I am opening a bottle of wine tonight!"