New Year Resolutions for your Home

Think resolutions are just about your waist line? Think again! Your home goes through a lot in a year; parties, clutter, spills, guests, Holidays, children. You name it, your house has experienced it, and it is counting on YOU to give it a little TLC!  While you are taking down the decorations and cleaning up from Christmas, take a little extra time to freshen up with these easy tips: 

1. Kitchen Cupboard Clean Out

Chances are in November you dug out some cooking utensils and serving trays you haven't seen all year. Instead of cramming them back into the cabinets to be ignored for another year, grab a clear plastic tote or two and fill it up with anything you don't use on the regular. Be sure to wrap anything delicate in paper or bubble wrap. Label it clearly and stow it where you are already storing your Holiday decor. You will be party host ready for next year and have plenty of room for your most used items!

2. Rug and Carpet Restoration

Yeah, I know. Cleaning carpets and rugs is just silly mid-winter! So much mud and debris still left to track in... why bother? Truthfully, carpet and rug fibers are amazing at trapping dirt, and dirt is the BEST at giving bacteria, viruses and other nasty critters a place to hang out. A carpet cleaning will help eliminate all those extra germs that get tracked in from Holiday shopping and visitors, keeping your family healthier and of course brightening your home. If you rock title and/or hardwood, using a vinegar based cleaner (you can make your own! Look HERE!) will help cut dirt and kill off anything you don't want hanging around. 

3. Closet Conscience

 Between hidden Christmas presents, bulky winter coats, loose scarves, and your summer shoe collection it probably looks like a bomb went off in there. Don't wait for "spring cleaning". You can get that clutter handled now! Sort out anything from current and previous seasons that you did not wear. That sweater you have tried on 4 times already and still don't love? Let it go! Those adorable heels that gave you blisters? Gone! Vow to create space in your closet for things that are related to clothing, and remove the other build up items like old pictures, technology boxes, paperwork, and memories. Pack those items in clear totes and store them elsewhere. Encourage your partner to do the same on his/her side! 

4. Baseboards, Windowsills and Fans

If you hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas, or both? There is a good chance you already got this out of the way in anticipation of your guests! Congrats! You can move on to the next tip feeling really good about yourself! The rest of you, follow me.... it's time. Get down, get dirty, and address the dark corners of your home. It is surprising how much cleaner your house can appear when you clean up the things that are not readily visible. Not to mention the health benefits from eliminating excess dust and dander. Put on some music and rubber gloves and get to work! 

5. Set a Standard

January is the month that we make lofty decisions based on the disappointment from the year passed.  Some say resolution, but I say: Set a Standard! This year, while setting your personal goals, take a few moments to create a housecleaning standard that works with your schedule. Cleaning doesn't have to be done all at once. Committing to one task per day won't hurt your daily grind and will keep your house clean and presentable throughout the year. Here is an example: 

Daily To Do's 

*Pick Up Loose Items and Put Away

*Laundry in Baskets



*Kitchen Wipe Down

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Mopping

Tuesday: Bathrooms

Wednesday: Refrigerator and Oven

Thursday: Dusting

Friday: Kitchen Deep Clean

Saturday: Laundry/Laundry Room

Sunday: Bedroom(s) Pick Up